Sunday, May 23, 2010

apart of 3 idiots...

today, i went to IRC- alone! haha, but i doesn't bother me at all. sorang pon ok pe. mayb dulu berdua. but if one is better than two, why should i choose for two? (ayat sarcastic di sini) :) ;)
library quite cold. for me its is freezing sbb xdak sweater. so, i cant focus sgt. next tyme i should bring all stuff dtg library.

honestly, its not about cold or freezing yg membuatkan sy x ley fokus. but, spirit and courage yg ntah mcm dh pudar sikit2 ni. gap 8 hari ni supposedly dilihat as one advantage tuk fokus, study sume. but, trust me babe, its not easy. otak ke lain, mata ke lain. pendek kata susah sgt nk fokus. 12.30 sy balik. plan to come again ptg nnt for discussion.

meet fikri utk amik notes facilities. i just nk check mine. rse mcm quite incomplete jek. again, i m not really in good mood to study. T__T. somehow, ttb ade satu intention dr dalam: 3 IDIOTS!!! ok, gerak hati mahu tgk cerita ni. sambil taking lunch, ape salahnye layan muvie. fyi, sy jenis tak setia kalo bab2 layan series or muvie ni. as i mentioned in previous2 post, sy suke skip2 cte which means sy x kan tgk one by one. so, even kalo filem tu adelah 23 episode mcm Adamaya, i can simply finish it in 1hours! hehe...sbb i byk skip...malas nk layan sgt. next tyme bila tak buzy boley la kot. hehehe

ok, talking about this movie: 3 idiots. rating sy bagi 5/5. amik ko. kali ni, sy tak skip any part. tgk smpai habis hingga sy cancelkan my plan nk g irc, (kebetulan nad ade keja td, so study grp cancel). sy suke movie ni, really inspired me. haa, Allah ni hebat la. tgh2 sy down, xde mood nk study...Dia bg sy intention layan cte ni. Alhamdulillah. Sy selalu berdoa spy Allah kurniakn hidayahNya dlm setiap langkah. tgk movie pon ley dpt hidayah???haaa, part yg tak elok tu xyah la tgk! heee....hidayah Allah boley dtg dlm mcm2 cara...insyaAllah. ok, back to the movie.

Life is all about listening to your heart and chasing your dreams. That's the essence of 3 idiots. the rest of synopsis, ley bace kat sini. dan yg penting sekali, belajar bukan utk jawab exam semata.

"Rancho said, knowledge is increasing verywhere-where ever you get it, gain it!!!"

Hey Raju, we'll study, with complete dedication we will study, but not only to pass the exam...
some great scholar has said, never study to be successful, study for self efficiency. Dont run behind the success, follow behind excellence..success will come all way behind you..


then, i think that's the root...where we should begin and where we should end. Allah, thanks for this intention...ade 2 papers lagi utk saye realisasikan impian. May Allah bless me....and friends.
i asked my rumet...can i be apart of 3 idiots??? then she said, "awaklah.." and she laughed...hehehe ^__^


  1. hehe..
    u know what, syila dah lama teringin nak tgok 3 idiots ni. tapi tak berkesempatan.huhu
    ingat habis exam je nak tgok.

    lagi bersemangat bila kak tikah cite pasal sume ni~

  2. rumet cyg2:14 PM

    hahha....syila, ak recommend awk tgk gak citer mule2 tu ade mcm sensored cket...=p
    dear rumet...gonna b missing u right after i left this empty place..our room... room sweet room..
    later i'll post sumtg.. GudlUck~!! n u r not 3idiots~!.. u r........Excellent~!!