Friday, December 31, 2010

new year 2011

Dear Diary,

friday, saturday, sunday and monday- 4 days off. i wish i can go home not in KL but in kelantan. almost 4 months i've been here in melaka, and caused me separuh lemas rindu rumah. just browse plane ticket for airasia and MAS, since last minutes the prices were so much higher. even they are affordable (puasa 2 minggu hehe) but i don't think is a good choice. so, i made up my mind, pujuk diri utk just stay back in Melaka n study on the coding since i need to master those subject! but then, this February ni mmg i nk balik. keja byk ke sikit, who cares? heheh

again, time flew fast as tomorrow i m gonna be 24 (unofficially lah kan). talking about age, by 24 i start to think that i can be called as young lady. even not married yet! i love no. 4 and when it comes to combination of 2 and 4=24....i feel so "heigh ho miss atikah!~" i dont believe how much i've grown up especially when i am walking together with other engineers in yellow suit for a meeting. i felt so alive. thanks Allah.
talking about new year, let me note down some of my wish (azam tahun baru wheee)
  1. all my projects will be succeed. sesusah mane pon, i still wish that i can fulfill it till end. InsyaAllah
  2. i can be a good muslimah, consistent with my good deeds even i dont have much time to perform yg sunat2 tu. i m still hoping that i can do it. esp puasa every isnin n khamis!insyaAllah
  3. i can be a solehah daughter to my parents. will alwys call them even time tu tgh peak ngn kerja n projects. i wish i can as i alwys wish!
  4. i may complete my chartered journey as TP or custodian (ni utk jangka masa pnjng-10 years from this moments. but still need first step from beginning.
  5. last but not least, i may find my true love...that's a wish and only wish which i dont know how it ends......?

i end with a pict, something precious that i kept in the best my own world. btw, jgn salah sangka, other gifts ( yg korang bagi mse convo tu i kept in some other place, at ofis, atas katil..etc) hehe.. and now, Happy New Year 2011 peeps! May Allah bless.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dear diary,
whenever i felt so depressed with my work, here i come. throwing out every single thing that i can. i know, doing programming is not as easy as how i looked trough book. yea, yea...people kept questioning me, how i am going to finish these..*sigh*
somehow, i take this as a big challenge. for me, myself n my future. just like a simple code If Else, if i manage to do this coding my future will be bright Else i may loose such a great oppurtunity to customize my legacy. Or i can use array function here when everything goes in loops. up and down for thousand of iterations. i always put the best and highest trust in everything i do. even people say i cant do it, i kept telling myself that i can do it, succeed in any path i may undergo.
btw, i bought an aquarium today. it is not un-schduled budget kay since i already put this as "something to be done in future". There is small cottage inside which i think looks so cute heee, and 4 little guppies (Leo, Simba, Kurt and xde nama lg sekor). i wish i can upload it here but a bit lazy to transfer from my phone. huh~

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wedding May

sometimes i still can't believe that she already married. time flew fast, like yesterday we are talking about the word "marriage" and all sort of thing about it. well, girl's talk. shhhh~

owh, feel want to get married too!hee, mcm men masak2 je bl ckp camtu. for me marriage is more on responsible while putting aside lust and sexual matters. they are just apart from it. aish, thinking about marriage is too complicated. better kumpul duit tunggu anak raja masuk minang :P hehehe.kidding.

btw, i m so happy for her, Darling May. so happy and so happy..ting tong! May Allah bless ur life day after. even u already married, u still my darling May..and u look so beautiful in purple.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Dear Diary,

Today, i start to to appreciate the word of MONEY. long time ago, when i was a kid, i dont even understand the meaning of word, "susahnye nk nk cari duit ni". cause, anything comes from mak and ayah. every morning mak will left me with coins (70 sen),if fardhu ain (tambah lagi 20 sen). well, my parents never teach me to spend so mewah2. mak will provide me with nasi bekal. if ade bekal nasi duit belanja jd 50sen shj. nothing more, nothing less. yet, i dont feel any hardship with money. mak and ayah never fail to satisfy me.

but now, when i was being employed... already have my own slip gaji, already have to think wisely on how to spend money antara kehendak and keperluan, those made me sick! previously, RM 500 is more than enough. maybe at that time, takde sewa rumah, duit minyak pon xbyk, maintenance keta pon setakat low level je. then everything seems ENOUGH! but now, with current income, feel like air mengalir masuk sungai. laju jeee. takde sekat2. hehehe

then i start to realise. makin banyak duit masuk, makin banyak duit keluar. agak2 account bank balance la mcm ni kot heee. makin tinggi taraf hidup, makin lah tinggi maintenancenye. all in all, nk cari duit is not easy. and i felt so grateful to be in Melaka. at least dont have to think about daily working suit (baju kurung ke ape) coz what i do have only that yellow suit! m(-___-)m

Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear Diary,

Today, i m acting like a mother, so busy with her two sons. satu tgh dukung, satu dlm troli. hehe. well, that's how life will be. org laen pg MidValley, enjoy dgn kawan2 window shopping suka ati. but me? hurm, i m happy with my life. pedulikan org ape nk kater. only Allah knows yeahh!

wut can i say, life is miserable. i got a new project which is more on programming. wosh, i not an IT engineer to do all sort of coding in fact i dont even know how coding works! heee, but then...dear friends, this is the place that turn atikah saari into "somebody". somebody that learn to know everything. from IT engineer, analysist, leader, follower until a happy go lucky young lady. i just bought a programming book which cost me RM 159. erk, tercekik rase. luckily, i can use that receipt to cut down my income tax later. so, right after this i m gonna spend my nite with this book and make sure the coding works. may Allah bless!

2 outstanding projects are 50-50 done. total projects = 3 (analyzer and developer for RCFA methods, technical work on visual management and programming for database and user interface). these are the projects that kills my joy and freedom. tu tak include day to day basis job yg mmg technical. ting tong sungguh la lately. apepon, sy sudah jatuh CINTA!~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

i'm back uols~

Yes, i made it. br re-open my blog for public. tp, this time sorry i will not allow for any comments. just for u to read, just for me to keep on writing and just for me to rewind all these journals some other days. i just decorate my room, with purple theme. with dried roses and teddies, doing some art at the wall as well as handy-made frame for my convocation. make sure my room smell good. air freshner must be available. and for that i'm choosing peach+honey. btw, i wish to put some picts here somehow, i left the charger in office m(-___-)m SORRY
next week, insyaAllah i'm going to IKEA. hehe, looking for some stuffs (lampu tido and carpet yg soft n bulu2 tu) hee, but i cant promise sticking to those stuff jek. sekali angkut mcm2 wat balik melaka. budget2...nsb bek x pakai kad kredit lg. i should avoid using that 'merbahaya card" hehe. but then again mende tu necessary during outstation. *sigh*
life...they are so different now. dlu buzy dgn study and academic's matters. sampai lupe dunia luar. currently buzy dgn kerja yg bertimbun2 xpnh abis. pegi pagi balik malam, esok ulang mnde yang sama. weekend dtg, sambung keja kat umah. sometimes spending time at ofis. harunye hidup. but act, i m giving myself two years utk jd dewasa, utk focus pd kerjaya n to be a young lady. and within that time, i wish i can find my truly atikah saari. i need to stop sbb nk smbung kerja ofis. have reports to be submitted. see, my weekend pon spend utk keja. alahai tikah sayang heee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summarize of 2010

after berkurun lamanye sy menghilangkan diri..for a very P.R.I.V.A.T.E reasonsss, now i m back. talking about life, currently so many changes. n alhamdulillah i can adapt it well. well done tikah, you're doing good in your job! heeee m(-___-)m

i love to repeat and reuse ayat ni
"people come and go...leaving footprint atas hati" ok, i starting to be jiwang balik...auuw, nope. i wish i can stop being this way again2 and again. traffic light merah! btw, i dont want to talk about the past, just summarize 2010 in a very precise way (",)

starting my final semester at UTP. FYP make me crazy
struggling for study till very END (minit terakhir jwb paper Corrosion kat MH
i spent 2 weeks at UTP, completing and wrapped up all student life there
PPM called for chit chat session (Alhamdulillah), 1 week later i got that position
Away to KL, jd penjual durian tegar kat umah (kelantan)
PPM: Here I come! PIPE 65 was amazing...
My Graduation, alhamdulillah with 1st class honour Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (major Material)
Till Now
Struggling here day and night. 24/7 working days...sampai lupe sume mnde. kerja kerja...zzZZ
and the journey continues.
p/s: i noe its too early to tulis psl sume ni sbb tak akhir tahun lg. but, i love it!~