Friday, December 31, 2010

new year 2011

Dear Diary,

friday, saturday, sunday and monday- 4 days off. i wish i can go home not in KL but in kelantan. almost 4 months i've been here in melaka, and caused me separuh lemas rindu rumah. just browse plane ticket for airasia and MAS, since last minutes the prices were so much higher. even they are affordable (puasa 2 minggu hehe) but i don't think is a good choice. so, i made up my mind, pujuk diri utk just stay back in Melaka n study on the coding since i need to master those subject! but then, this February ni mmg i nk balik. keja byk ke sikit, who cares? heheh

again, time flew fast as tomorrow i m gonna be 24 (unofficially lah kan). talking about age, by 24 i start to think that i can be called as young lady. even not married yet! i love no. 4 and when it comes to combination of 2 and 4=24....i feel so "heigh ho miss atikah!~" i dont believe how much i've grown up especially when i am walking together with other engineers in yellow suit for a meeting. i felt so alive. thanks Allah.
talking about new year, let me note down some of my wish (azam tahun baru wheee)
  1. all my projects will be succeed. sesusah mane pon, i still wish that i can fulfill it till end. InsyaAllah
  2. i can be a good muslimah, consistent with my good deeds even i dont have much time to perform yg sunat2 tu. i m still hoping that i can do it. esp puasa every isnin n khamis!insyaAllah
  3. i can be a solehah daughter to my parents. will alwys call them even time tu tgh peak ngn kerja n projects. i wish i can as i alwys wish!
  4. i may complete my chartered journey as TP or custodian (ni utk jangka masa pnjng-10 years from this moments. but still need first step from beginning.
  5. last but not least, i may find my true love...that's a wish and only wish which i dont know how it ends......?

i end with a pict, something precious that i kept in the best my own world. btw, jgn salah sangka, other gifts ( yg korang bagi mse convo tu i kept in some other place, at ofis, atas katil..etc) hehe.. and now, Happy New Year 2011 peeps! May Allah bless.

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