Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dear diary,
whenever i felt so depressed with my work, here i come. throwing out every single thing that i can. i know, doing programming is not as easy as how i looked trough book. yea, yea...people kept questioning me, how i am going to finish these..*sigh*
somehow, i take this as a big challenge. for me, myself n my future. just like a simple code If Else, if i manage to do this coding my future will be bright Else i may loose such a great oppurtunity to customize my legacy. Or i can use array function here when everything goes in loops. up and down for thousand of iterations. i always put the best and highest trust in everything i do. even people say i cant do it, i kept telling myself that i can do it, succeed in any path i may undergo.
btw, i bought an aquarium today. it is not un-schduled budget kay since i already put this as "something to be done in future". There is small cottage inside which i think looks so cute heee, and 4 little guppies (Leo, Simba, Kurt and xde nama lg sekor). i wish i can upload it here but a bit lazy to transfer from my phone. huh~

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