Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summarize of 2010

after berkurun lamanye sy menghilangkan diri..for a very P.R.I.V.A.T.E reasonsss, now i m back. talking about life, currently so many changes. n alhamdulillah i can adapt it well. well done tikah, you're doing good in your job! heeee m(-___-)m

i love to repeat and reuse ayat ni
"people come and go...leaving footprint atas hati" ok, i starting to be jiwang balik...auuw, nope. i wish i can stop being this way again2 and again. traffic light merah! btw, i dont want to talk about the past, just summarize 2010 in a very precise way (",)

starting my final semester at UTP. FYP make me crazy
struggling for study till very END (minit terakhir jwb paper Corrosion kat MH
i spent 2 weeks at UTP, completing and wrapped up all student life there
PPM called for chit chat session (Alhamdulillah), 1 week later i got that position
Away to KL, jd penjual durian tegar kat umah (kelantan)
PPM: Here I come! PIPE 65 was amazing...
My Graduation, alhamdulillah with 1st class honour Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (major Material)
Till Now
Struggling here day and night. 24/7 working days...sampai lupe sume mnde. kerja kerja...zzZZ
and the journey continues.
p/s: i noe its too early to tulis psl sume ni sbb tak akhir tahun lg. but, i love it!~

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