Monday, December 27, 2010

Wedding May

sometimes i still can't believe that she already married. time flew fast, like yesterday we are talking about the word "marriage" and all sort of thing about it. well, girl's talk. shhhh~

owh, feel want to get married too!hee, mcm men masak2 je bl ckp camtu. for me marriage is more on responsible while putting aside lust and sexual matters. they are just apart from it. aish, thinking about marriage is too complicated. better kumpul duit tunggu anak raja masuk minang :P hehehe.kidding.

btw, i m so happy for her, Darling May. so happy and so happy..ting tong! May Allah bless ur life day after. even u already married, u still my darling May..and u look so beautiful in purple.

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