Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear Diary,

Today, i m acting like a mother, so busy with her two sons. satu tgh dukung, satu dlm troli. hehe. well, that's how life will be. org laen pg MidValley, enjoy dgn kawan2 window shopping suka ati. but me? hurm, i m happy with my life. pedulikan org ape nk kater. only Allah knows yeahh!

wut can i say, life is miserable. i got a new project which is more on programming. wosh, i not an IT engineer to do all sort of coding in fact i dont even know how coding works! heee, but then...dear friends, this is the place that turn atikah saari into "somebody". somebody that learn to know everything. from IT engineer, analysist, leader, follower until a happy go lucky young lady. i just bought a programming book which cost me RM 159. erk, tercekik rase. luckily, i can use that receipt to cut down my income tax later. so, right after this i m gonna spend my nite with this book and make sure the coding works. may Allah bless!

2 outstanding projects are 50-50 done. total projects = 3 (analyzer and developer for RCFA methods, technical work on visual management and programming for database and user interface). these are the projects that kills my joy and freedom. tu tak include day to day basis job yg mmg technical. ting tong sungguh la lately. apepon, sy sudah jatuh CINTA!~

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