Sunday, March 28, 2010


~Thank and link the person that gave u the award~

ok, bundle of thnksS from me to Belantara Jiwa for this award. dah lame dpt, but i have other thing to post & at the same time my time is too limited for my blog. so x dpt la nk menulis :(

Pass this award to 15 bloggers u've recently discovered & think r fanatic
  1. Mina~ my dearie beloved friend yg lama dh x jumpeeee
  2. Shahed housmate-darling yg i miss sgt2 +__+
  3. May- my sweet little sister yg dok sblh bilik saye..katil kami dipisahkan oleh dinding jekks
  4. Farahiyah- my old housemate yg dok level 5 skrg ni kat block J ke H ah??confius agie hehe
  5. Farhana- jiran rumah sblh yg dh try pakai selendang :P
  6. Kuyam- my sweet junior from Scipp
  7. Che Yah- yg di nun di kerteh tgh intern
  8. Cikin-housemate intern yg sgt2 baek hati orgnye...dan penyabar ngn perangai sayer ni..
  9. Sifu Oyama- yg sudey bergaji x goyang kaki..sbb duit masuk bulan2 hehe
  10. Sabri- my good friend of cos ^__^
  11. KA- ex-SU3 convo secara x rasminye hehe
  12. Faezah Ramli- deskmate f4 kat scipp, campus mate yg dah abis blaja right now :)
  13. Fatin Nabila- my sweetie cutie friend from scipp...:)
ok, 13 je la...left 2 vacancies for ghost.ahaks :)

~contact said Blogs and let them noe they've won the award~

so so lazy to officially let them noe, if any1 bumps here, and once u see ur name there...pick it up ok? hehe

~state 7 things about urself~

owh, my self???should i let others noe???or should i add it ~ more than 7??haha
  1. dun eat belacan,seafoods, budu ....'alergik'!!!
  2. dun like sweet foods....thus ppl used to call me as 'kelantan celup'...:(
  3. dun like n dun want to see tempat sepah2 but sometimes, my room bersepah jugak when bizi gle2. bila bilik sepah, rase makin serabut n xley nk concentrate. need to make it back to normal 1st, br ley study hehe
  4. x suke rely sms, x suke call org...use handphone just for alarm n call mak n kaklong :)
  5. suke cepatkan mase bl tgk korea/anime/any muvie, let say if muvie or series tu 1 jam lebey, i will make it to 10 tgk 2/3 mins awal2, 2/3 mins tgh2 and 2/3 mins part akhir. if the series ade 16 episode, i will tgk yg mula2, then tgh and then akhir2. so abis laa 1 series korea...haha...*speeding aite?*
  6. i m morning u noe at wut time i sleep every nite...light off cam zaman skolah dl lew~
  7. i love baggy jeans definitely...lg kembang(besar) kaki, lgi i suke wpon my mom akan bising soh i alter kat kedaiiii :(
  8. i really dun now how to match my tudung with my baju. thus, i need PA or pakar perunding feshen everytime i nk bersiap pg mane2...hoho. if not, adela org pkai tudung kelabu or koko ngn baju merah ngn jeans baggy die g kelas :)
  9. i love to keep silent everytime i face probs
  10. i will jst send a simple hi to ppl that i m closed with, everytime i face probs. its like a sign that i'm trying to send tru sms...(bajet la org phm)....hehehe
  11. abis daaa~
with love,
tikah (^__^)V

Thursday, March 25, 2010

moment for me to cry

it is the moment when i start to cry....

that's wut i wrote at my fb's wall just now. felt so down, depressed and SAD!!! some people might know why i am: 'in this mode'. and some people might misjudge thinking i just broken-up with my bf. wutever lah. i dont want to explain details the reason WHY coz i think lets the dark part being there, laying there in my thought. i will keep it for myself :)

sometimes, i ask myself, my heart, my soul....(destined partner xde lg nk tnye hehe), why am i being this way? in this path. in this direction where me myself : doubful to where i am heading to. to south, to west..north or even kerak bumi! BLUR and BLANK. that's the emptiness creeping slowly to my heart. mula2 die serang otak, then moving down to hati, jantung. sometimes, i feel like i need somebody to hear my crazy thoughts, somebody to share my dreams, someone to share my pains, (joys tu xyah ckp la sbb sume org ade utk itu :) , someone that i can rely on. a friend but not a special person nor bf! nope, that's goes beyond my limitation. hehe. i wish i can have it. its just a friend. no need to be bestfriend. i hate the word bestfriend since i think sometimes a bestfriend can change to be a BADfriend!

p/s: mina, ko tak termasuk dlm soal ni, dun wory dear ;p

talking bout being in grief and despair ni, dh lame i left this word. i guess la coz i just realise it, selama ni i was in comfort zone. that's why i never rase nk nangis mcm skrg. kalu dl, mse zaman2 intern..selalu la jugak nangis2 ni. final year ni, last sem i did cry coz i felt like i was doing worst in my polymer's test 1. then, xde daa kot. tensen ngn fyp tu common sense la kot. even till today pon i do feel it. sem ni plak, right now, i am facing it. honestly, betol2 down. to whom i should tell? haa, nk cte kat kaklong, die busy ngn atiQ. of cos i understood her life now. so, keeping it urself sometimes can be a burden. makan dalam org kate. but what should i do? till...

i come to this...

"Sesungguhnya hanya di sisi Allah ilmu tentang hari kiamat;dan DIA yang menurunkan hujan, dan mengetahui apa yang ada dalam rahim. Dan tidak ada seorang pun yang dapat mengetahui (dengan pasti) apa yang akan dikerjakannya besok. Dan tidak ada seorang pun yang dapat mengetahui di bumi mana dia akan mati.Sungguh, Allah Maha Mengetahui, Maha Mengenal."

Surah Luqman: Ayat 34

ayat ni dalam maksudnya. I just leave to you guys on how u want to interpret and understand it, because lain org lain cara die menyesuaikan dgn keadaan dirinya. and as for me, i shouldn't let the sadness tu become a cancer, but turn it to be something else...a vitamin mayb :)

because we will never know how our life will gonna be once we open our eyes tomorrow. it can be, a scar today change to the most beautiful part as everything happen tersimpan hikmah Allah. Allah Maha Mengetahui every single dot dot u face. thus, just trust Him, never give up to give a try and stay constant to where u r now. no turning back but, just move forward. insyaAllah. everything will be fine. aamin :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

just do it with SMILE

once again, i felt so dizzy tonight... editing stuff ni make me sick tol la. need to strain our eyes 24/7 for each sentences and words used. saket2. then try to think xnk bg ayat 'keling'. writing a technical report absolutely differ from pouring ur thoughts in a blog whereby u can happily twist ur sentences here and there (mcm i buat skrg ni). no disciplinary rules, no obligation involved. haha. that's why it is named as B.L.O.G (bley lepak or gempak) ^^V

hey, i dunno why starting from early morning i already thought bout this word. SMILE. SENYUM. then, i began to play with my imagination to relate with this simple word into my real life. haha. i love to see people smile even though i dun even noe their name! no need kot. ade ke before nk senyum kat sape, " miss/mr, ur name pliss?" haha. no nO NO. 3 big No there. but then, beware la jugak before u smile kat sape2 tu. it can be pros and sometimes can be cons. a girl smile to a boy. what might that boy think? nk ngurat ak eh or am i too handsome today? :P

well, that's about perasan la of cos. i wish i am not. giving a pure and sincere smile is the best thing for me. sampaikan mse interview keja aritu pon kena tegur..."you love to smile eh???" what did it mean? lesson learn: mse intervw jgn senyum suka2 hati. nnt ppl think u r not so so serius! danggg~

in Islam, senyum itu sedekah. bila senyum, dpt pahala. why ahh? logically when u smile to someone (without niat nak tackle ke ape), actually you r sending ur +ve aura to him/her. its a good practice ok. with that smile, u make others happy. theee theee ^______^. communication pon jd bagus bl senyum. n of cos, for me when i was in grief and despair, i like to see people smile. coz it seems to reduce my 'sadness' or 'despair' tu. what if, at that moment, u really down and ppl around u pon 2x5 jugak. feeling like world is turning down kan. lagi messy and lagi tak best!

i collect all those faces by gugeling. hee, there Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum among them. those people tu i mmg suke bl dieorg smile. sengih nmpak gigi, senyum or any word which can represent it verbally and physically. I CAN ALWAYS MAKE U SMILE. that's my wish. sape U??? special ones. :)

just do it with smile <3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

no idea

up to this point, i felt so lazy, crazy,dizzy and some sort of words that can suit me now. forgot i word: BUSY!! (yet still got time for this post :) . definitely, i wish to be at home again. there's no place like home, gle heaven. eventho i brought some notes+ref book for bajeting tuk study, huh, just like i am towing a big bundle of stone+rock then doing nothing. eh, eh, nope! at least i usya jugak notes2 tp level of concentration was badly unsatisfied lorh. how could i study at home?T_T

i saje2 snap gmbr ni tyme bosan2 study...i rse ade meaning n simbolik for this pict. tp otak xley nk tafsir skrg ^^V

i tau katil i tak cantik, xseempuk ur cukuplah tuk buat i liat nk bangun~

well, just coming back for this battlefield atas dasar nk grad. sounds so poyo aite?i bet it so. dah tu, wut else? still x siap lg utk project facilities. edit sane, edit sini. i felt so exhausted. fyp esok kena jumpa maam, haa, tu scary.hehe. but i noe, she will alwys inspires me by saying,"...dun wory, there must be a way.." and that ayat 'keramat' tu jd my favorite phrase now.

ptg td, i got two phone call for job intervw. alhamdulillah. satu 20/03/10 and satu lg on 31/03/10. tp i think i will tolak salah satu sbb mls nk pegi. for tyme being, time totally such a dozen of GOLD! terasa mcm emas. hehe. so, i cant easily cmpak amik like that.

ni gmbr utk semangat sbb rse makin kureng nk stdy..aish...nk grad br nk bawe gmbr ni...:P

p/s: i met a nice guy today :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

secret admire

okey, finished watching BOF. dgn kadar kelajuan 10 minit per series.huhu, i think i m good enough for that speed limit.LolZ. well, if nk tgk smpai habis, for ages la i have to be a statue in front my way. final sem, u wont have so much time like first yr student. ^^V

i wished that will be my last series for this entire sem, plis, i dun want to be addicted anymore. mcm hape jek, byk keja but with very low productionnye. efficiency mmg xley wat profit. at the end, bankrup!hehehe...owh yeah, even with that speeding & marathon series, i still can catch up the story line lorh. even, certain part mcm blur2 what so and so became this way. ahaaa...that's the 'consequent'nyer. btw, i like hero with his characteristic, believes in heroin beyond all doubts! that's impressed. :)

ok, that's the end of my fanatic series Boys Over Flower. back to real life, they are to hassle with slight changes here and there. especially in projects. Not FYP. Alhamdulillah. one, two, three and four projects in the row. i guest, this whole sem (final sem) mmg totally menghabiskan mase for projects. i try my best to make sure my feeling sem ni tak terjejas dgn hanya perkara remeh2 mcm member2 buat hal, being ignored, huh, what do i care. sometimes being selfish is the best way to make ur eyes deaf and eyes blind. and the best way to find new people. haha. jahatnye hidup. well, its ok. as long as u are in right side, then dont waste ur tears for all those thing! be strong always.

Ya Allah, kurniakan ak kekuatan..
kekuatan spy ak mampu pergi dan menjadi dewasa.

do u believe with the word 'secret admire', dont u? hurm, as far as i noe, it never exist for world. if u like that persons, just be friend with them. is that secret admire ni same dgn crush? asal ttb ak tertanya psl topik ni??? if u always keep watching that person afar, is that mean u are his/her secret admire? this word bothers me somehow. kaco org jek :P

Monday, March 08, 2010

BOF and my interpretation

Dear all,

it just like all of sudden when i feel like i want to share my thought about this 'series' here..ok, lately, i have been watching BOF, Boys over Flower after became fan for You're Beautiful previously. (kantoi sbb still having time to watch this kinda series.LOLz..hehe, it just halwa mata while having meal ok! :)

i noe ppl said both these series: best. fine.AGREE with the reason coz of their handsome actors and cute actresses. ayat lazim++skema. hurm, for me it can be one of the reason la, but the main thing here is how the hero really support his gf. ni cite BOF yer. i felt impressed bila tgk the way hero akan menyebelahi heroin in any situation. haha. if before this, i mcm x ksh whenever i watch the movies/series. i x peduli pon psl tu. asalkan hero handsome anf heroin sweet, so i layan. :P

yes, i admit mmg before ni pon jalan cerita lebey kurang, but somehow i felt this time plot seems quite different ( its not general plot coz of cos the story is about love!) that hero tu kaya, really kaya, falls for commoner yg mmg bagai langit dgn bumi. then he try to suit himself in the family. and in any case he appreciates that girl very much. talking about this, i still remember what my mom told me (zaman kecik2 lagi), cr ssorg yg betul2 appreciate kt, yg akan sentiasa menyebelahi kita and accept us the way we are. if we are clumsy and kekampungan, die still tak malu to bring us pg party besar2 (but at the same time kt tahu la xnk bgi malukan die), a person who noe how to differentiate between love and respect!

whenever i watch this series, sy terpk, ade ke a nice guy mcm ni? for the tyme being i hardly find ppl mcm ni. either they are girls or boys. in movie, yup they may exist! but life is not a fairytale dude. and life is too cruel for a person yg sometimes naive like me! hehehe...then, 1 more yg saye suke, their friendship yg betul2 saya kagum. friends, they are the most precious thing in our life. but sometimes kawan makan kawan. if i did meet pon as friend ade jugak akhirnya backstab, ego, bestfriend yg mcm x support kwn sendiri or many more. adekah org sebegini kt layak panggil mereka sbg kawan, sahabat atau teman?

if, i do find this kind o person in life, sumpah hidup mati i wont let them go from my life. boys or girls coz i noe ppl mcm ni are like angels (ceh, bg analogi tahap dewa :P )

Friday, March 05, 2010

Meniti Mimpi

My dear blog,

how are u sweetie? hopefully u'r fine as i wish i can be here always to c ur smilling face. but it just a dream for it since life is getting busier than usual. sorry! lets update what i've being doing lately. haha.
  1. in my unbalanced life for my studies & project -___-"
  2. try to complete analysis for my FYP thus need to be 'creative' in my mind hehehe
  3. start write-up for my FYP report (more to final report i guess)
  4. handling facilities project (project 1). hopefully we can finish by the end of this week coz we do have 2nd project from Ir Shiraz!
  5. follow up Corrosion as we will have 1st test this Wednesday @__@
  6. OM-have asgmt to be submitted this monday by group.huh..what a relief~
  7. tomorrow kena reseat Ability Test! this technical error by PET or my data was not key in properly on that day???
  8. Shell Management Day: also tomorrow~ aihhh
  9. submit my resume to any company.hehe. ni part plg ngeri dear :(
  10. last but not least, doing some body fitness++ anime.hahaha

10 points..were they enough to justify why i need to stay up all the way now, weren't they? pastu gi kls ngn mata bengkak2 and sometimes in dunia sendiri. kdg2 x sedar org tnye ape.aigooo. lately, kdg2 tu smpai 3 to 4 subjects dlm satu mase and my mind mcm dah sway2 dah. ala2 cha cha style rancak. ^^V

nape sy ltk nasyid ni kat sini, cam xde kaitan ngn cte kat atas...TAPI, nasyid ini utk ssorg...

Meniti Mimpi by Hijjaz.

Kau terdengar kicauan beburung
Yang menyanyi di dada pelangi
Kau menggapai awan dilangit memutih
Dirimu lebur dimamah mentari

Kau impikan harapan menggunung
Di lorong hanyir kehidupanmu
Kau hirup sari madu bunga beracun
Mewarnai dunia misteri mimpimu

Kau calari setangkai hati ibunda
Yang meniti di bilahan hari-hari

Kau hitamkan wajah ayahanda
Yang mengharapkan sinar kehidupan

Apalah yang hendak diharapkan lagi
Semua sudah jadi takpasti

Bangkitlah segera dari mimpi ngeri
Pulihkan kembali sebuah harga diri

Sinar hidupmu tiada nyalaan api
Berlabuhlah di muara ini
Pasrahkanlah hidupmu ke lorong ilahi
Di sana menanti syurga yang abadi
Di sana menanti syurga yang hakiki