Wednesday, March 10, 2010

secret admire

okey, finished watching BOF. dgn kadar kelajuan 10 minit per series.huhu, i think i m good enough for that speed limit.LolZ. well, if nk tgk smpai habis, for ages la i have to be a statue in front my way. final sem, u wont have so much time like first yr student. ^^V

i wished that will be my last series for this entire sem, plis, i dun want to be addicted anymore. mcm hape jek, byk keja but with very low productionnye. efficiency mmg xley wat profit. at the end, bankrup!hehehe...owh yeah, even with that speeding & marathon series, i still can catch up the story line lorh. even, certain part mcm blur2 what so and so became this way. ahaaa...that's the 'consequent'nyer. btw, i like hero with his characteristic, believes in heroin beyond all doubts! that's impressed. :)

ok, that's the end of my fanatic series Boys Over Flower. back to real life, they are to hassle with slight changes here and there. especially in projects. Not FYP. Alhamdulillah. one, two, three and four projects in the row. i guest, this whole sem (final sem) mmg totally menghabiskan mase for projects. i try my best to make sure my feeling sem ni tak terjejas dgn hanya perkara remeh2 mcm member2 buat hal, being ignored, huh, what do i care. sometimes being selfish is the best way to make ur eyes deaf and eyes blind. and the best way to find new people. haha. jahatnye hidup. well, its ok. as long as u are in right side, then dont waste ur tears for all those thing! be strong always.

Ya Allah, kurniakan ak kekuatan..
kekuatan spy ak mampu pergi dan menjadi dewasa.

do u believe with the word 'secret admire', dont u? hurm, as far as i noe, it never exist for world. if u like that persons, just be friend with them. is that secret admire ni same dgn crush? asal ttb ak tertanya psl topik ni??? if u always keep watching that person afar, is that mean u are his/her secret admire? this word bothers me somehow. kaco org jek :P

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