Monday, March 08, 2010

BOF and my interpretation

Dear all,

it just like all of sudden when i feel like i want to share my thought about this 'series' here..ok, lately, i have been watching BOF, Boys over Flower after became fan for You're Beautiful previously. (kantoi sbb still having time to watch this kinda series.LOLz..hehe, it just halwa mata while having meal ok! :)

i noe ppl said both these series: best. fine.AGREE with the reason coz of their handsome actors and cute actresses. ayat lazim++skema. hurm, for me it can be one of the reason la, but the main thing here is how the hero really support his gf. ni cite BOF yer. i felt impressed bila tgk the way hero akan menyebelahi heroin in any situation. haha. if before this, i mcm x ksh whenever i watch the movies/series. i x peduli pon psl tu. asalkan hero handsome anf heroin sweet, so i layan. :P

yes, i admit mmg before ni pon jalan cerita lebey kurang, but somehow i felt this time plot seems quite different ( its not general plot coz of cos the story is about love!) that hero tu kaya, really kaya, falls for commoner yg mmg bagai langit dgn bumi. then he try to suit himself in the family. and in any case he appreciates that girl very much. talking about this, i still remember what my mom told me (zaman kecik2 lagi), cr ssorg yg betul2 appreciate kt, yg akan sentiasa menyebelahi kita and accept us the way we are. if we are clumsy and kekampungan, die still tak malu to bring us pg party besar2 (but at the same time kt tahu la xnk bgi malukan die), a person who noe how to differentiate between love and respect!

whenever i watch this series, sy terpk, ade ke a nice guy mcm ni? for the tyme being i hardly find ppl mcm ni. either they are girls or boys. in movie, yup they may exist! but life is not a fairytale dude. and life is too cruel for a person yg sometimes naive like me! hehehe...then, 1 more yg saye suke, their friendship yg betul2 saya kagum. friends, they are the most precious thing in our life. but sometimes kawan makan kawan. if i did meet pon as friend ade jugak akhirnya backstab, ego, bestfriend yg mcm x support kwn sendiri or many more. adekah org sebegini kt layak panggil mereka sbg kawan, sahabat atau teman?

if, i do find this kind o person in life, sumpah hidup mati i wont let them go from my life. boys or girls coz i noe ppl mcm ni are like angels (ceh, bg analogi tahap dewa :P )


  1. suke cite tu. tengok last sem lagi. mase tu macam da angau2 kat jun pyo. fatin, kholi, aiza pon same. siap letak pic die kat gtalk. btw, that perm hair mmg comel dgn die. cite die sgt similar dgn hana yori dango, cume ade certain scene mcm care die hilang ingatan x same mcm hana yori. all in all, 2 thumbs up! ^______^

  2. tkah saari5:50 PM

    hehe..bse la farah, tkah kan lambt sikit dlm ape2 nk tgk skrg (tyme2 tgh busy ngn fyp ngn serba mak nenek project ni.hehe)

  3. ala, since balik uitm ni, jarang tgk. tv kat umah sewa ni pon kaler xbrape nk sudi je jengah ha. rindunye jejake ganteng tu sume!!!