Thursday, March 18, 2010

no idea

up to this point, i felt so lazy, crazy,dizzy and some sort of words that can suit me now. forgot i word: BUSY!! (yet still got time for this post :) . definitely, i wish to be at home again. there's no place like home, gle heaven. eventho i brought some notes+ref book for bajeting tuk study, huh, just like i am towing a big bundle of stone+rock then doing nothing. eh, eh, nope! at least i usya jugak notes2 tp level of concentration was badly unsatisfied lorh. how could i study at home?T_T

i saje2 snap gmbr ni tyme bosan2 study...i rse ade meaning n simbolik for this pict. tp otak xley nk tafsir skrg ^^V

i tau katil i tak cantik, xseempuk ur cukuplah tuk buat i liat nk bangun~

well, just coming back for this battlefield atas dasar nk grad. sounds so poyo aite?i bet it so. dah tu, wut else? still x siap lg utk project facilities. edit sane, edit sini. i felt so exhausted. fyp esok kena jumpa maam, haa, tu scary.hehe. but i noe, she will alwys inspires me by saying,"...dun wory, there must be a way.." and that ayat 'keramat' tu jd my favorite phrase now.

ptg td, i got two phone call for job intervw. alhamdulillah. satu 20/03/10 and satu lg on 31/03/10. tp i think i will tolak salah satu sbb mls nk pegi. for tyme being, time totally such a dozen of GOLD! terasa mcm emas. hehe. so, i cant easily cmpak amik like that.

ni gmbr utk semangat sbb rse makin kureng nk stdy..aish...nk grad br nk bawe gmbr ni...:P

p/s: i met a nice guy today :)


  1. Ello dear, well, I think the first thing that comes to my mind when I saw gambar semut2 tu was "co-operation". emm, neway who's that nice guy??? *wink*

  2. tkah saari8:10 AM

    hurm, he's a chinese guy anyway..+___+

  3. hihi...*wink* *wink*