Saturday, March 20, 2010

just do it with SMILE

once again, i felt so dizzy tonight... editing stuff ni make me sick tol la. need to strain our eyes 24/7 for each sentences and words used. saket2. then try to think xnk bg ayat 'keling'. writing a technical report absolutely differ from pouring ur thoughts in a blog whereby u can happily twist ur sentences here and there (mcm i buat skrg ni). no disciplinary rules, no obligation involved. haha. that's why it is named as B.L.O.G (bley lepak or gempak) ^^V

hey, i dunno why starting from early morning i already thought bout this word. SMILE. SENYUM. then, i began to play with my imagination to relate with this simple word into my real life. haha. i love to see people smile even though i dun even noe their name! no need kot. ade ke before nk senyum kat sape, " miss/mr, ur name pliss?" haha. no nO NO. 3 big No there. but then, beware la jugak before u smile kat sape2 tu. it can be pros and sometimes can be cons. a girl smile to a boy. what might that boy think? nk ngurat ak eh or am i too handsome today? :P

well, that's about perasan la of cos. i wish i am not. giving a pure and sincere smile is the best thing for me. sampaikan mse interview keja aritu pon kena tegur..."you love to smile eh???" what did it mean? lesson learn: mse intervw jgn senyum suka2 hati. nnt ppl think u r not so so serius! danggg~

in Islam, senyum itu sedekah. bila senyum, dpt pahala. why ahh? logically when u smile to someone (without niat nak tackle ke ape), actually you r sending ur +ve aura to him/her. its a good practice ok. with that smile, u make others happy. theee theee ^______^. communication pon jd bagus bl senyum. n of cos, for me when i was in grief and despair, i like to see people smile. coz it seems to reduce my 'sadness' or 'despair' tu. what if, at that moment, u really down and ppl around u pon 2x5 jugak. feeling like world is turning down kan. lagi messy and lagi tak best!

i collect all those faces by gugeling. hee, there Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum among them. those people tu i mmg suke bl dieorg smile. sengih nmpak gigi, senyum or any word which can represent it verbally and physically. I CAN ALWAYS MAKE U SMILE. that's my wish. sape U??? special ones. :)

just do it with smile <3

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