Saturday, December 18, 2010

i'm back uols~

Yes, i made it. br re-open my blog for public. tp, this time sorry i will not allow for any comments. just for u to read, just for me to keep on writing and just for me to rewind all these journals some other days. i just decorate my room, with purple theme. with dried roses and teddies, doing some art at the wall as well as handy-made frame for my convocation. make sure my room smell good. air freshner must be available. and for that i'm choosing peach+honey. btw, i wish to put some picts here somehow, i left the charger in office m(-___-)m SORRY
next week, insyaAllah i'm going to IKEA. hehe, looking for some stuffs (lampu tido and carpet yg soft n bulu2 tu) hee, but i cant promise sticking to those stuff jek. sekali angkut mcm2 wat balik melaka. budget2...nsb bek x pakai kad kredit lg. i should avoid using that 'merbahaya card" hehe. but then again mende tu necessary during outstation. *sigh*
life...they are so different now. dlu buzy dgn study and academic's matters. sampai lupe dunia luar. currently buzy dgn kerja yg bertimbun2 xpnh abis. pegi pagi balik malam, esok ulang mnde yang sama. weekend dtg, sambung keja kat umah. sometimes spending time at ofis. harunye hidup. but act, i m giving myself two years utk jd dewasa, utk focus pd kerjaya n to be a young lady. and within that time, i wish i can find my truly atikah saari. i need to stop sbb nk smbung kerja ofis. have reports to be submitted. see, my weekend pon spend utk keja. alahai tikah sayang heee

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