Saturday, December 25, 2010


Dear Diary,

Today, i start to to appreciate the word of MONEY. long time ago, when i was a kid, i dont even understand the meaning of word, "susahnye nk nk cari duit ni". cause, anything comes from mak and ayah. every morning mak will left me with coins (70 sen),if fardhu ain (tambah lagi 20 sen). well, my parents never teach me to spend so mewah2. mak will provide me with nasi bekal. if ade bekal nasi duit belanja jd 50sen shj. nothing more, nothing less. yet, i dont feel any hardship with money. mak and ayah never fail to satisfy me.

but now, when i was being employed... already have my own slip gaji, already have to think wisely on how to spend money antara kehendak and keperluan, those made me sick! previously, RM 500 is more than enough. maybe at that time, takde sewa rumah, duit minyak pon xbyk, maintenance keta pon setakat low level je. then everything seems ENOUGH! but now, with current income, feel like air mengalir masuk sungai. laju jeee. takde sekat2. hehehe

then i start to realise. makin banyak duit masuk, makin banyak duit keluar. agak2 account bank balance la mcm ni kot heee. makin tinggi taraf hidup, makin lah tinggi maintenancenye. all in all, nk cari duit is not easy. and i felt so grateful to be in Melaka. at least dont have to think about daily working suit (baju kurung ke ape) coz what i do have only that yellow suit! m(-___-)m

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