Tuesday, May 25, 2010


just entered the back door with nad and suddenly realised that 'tudung' already berbasuh. masih menitik2 lagi. i smiled as i thought she was here. and i was looking for her small slippers, but its nowhere. ???

then, i pm her rumet...asking for that question.

me: ur rumet dh balik?
that girl: lom esok katanye
me: nape tudung die mcm berbasuh? T__T
that girl: haha, sy yg basuhkan. nape? akak rindu die ker?hikhik
me: T___T

owh, yet, she's not around. again...it just a hope, wanna share with her something. xpelah, that's what i told myself. somehow, i realised 1 thing; i dont have much time left for her...even she'll be ere tomorrow since most of my time- in irc! but, i'll always remember her all the time.insyaAllah..that's all. pen off. wslm...

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