Monday, May 10, 2010

u guys awesome

syukur pd Allah sbb dh present project faci yg ke 2. all our hard works paid in the best way. wut else should i said except praise to Allah. nothing less. ^____^

supposed our group 6 ppl, tp last minute turn to be 5. so kerja quite burden lah. tmbh lg bila ade project 2nd ni. project 1st berakhir dgn jayenye jugak. same goes to 2nd project. for me, i really appreciate this project works sbb kt sume berusaha, we started our work awal2 and last2 tu keja edit sane sini hehe. mmg byk dugaan tru the whole days back then, but its ok. apepon thnks sbb same2 nek turun jumpa lecturer tak kire mase. we did this project bukan stkat utk siap, tp we knew wut we did. and i think we can use it during kerja nnt. insyaAllah.

yosh, left final exam jek nnt. so, lets do our best utk paper facilities. lets make our dreams come true guys. FACILITIES = A...nothing is impossible with Allah by our side :P

nite before presentation

after presentation ^___^

"abg Man, nape xde org recycle flare tu eh? mcm membazir jek dok kuar mcm tu..."
i asked Abg Man mase intern dl...sbb my desk menghadap flare.

"haha, xde org nk take care psl tu...xde org nk buat..tkah la yg buat.."

"tikah???asal tkah plak..."

"tkah la jd org pertama kat M'sia yg buat mnde tu...nnt kaya r..sbb ley reuse balik flare tu"

i still remembered my conversation with Abg Man, once upon tyme 2009. who noes, arini i managed to calculate something bout flare. sbb mase cabut undi aritu, sy dpt flare..night mare kejap sbb i really dun have any idea cane nk dptkan electricity but just having 1 figure which is mass flow rate. well, what i have today bukan bermksd sy dh berjaya nk reuse flare tu cane. the thing is, at least i noe the concept or burning flare using .......... which for this project i try to make it simple as i can yet still can produce some figure yg kalo nk compare dgn technology US pakai tu mmg almost there. alhamdulillah.

to Fikri,
i cant imagine u managed to do ur part very well. siap ader drawing lg for platform. nice job dude! lecturer pon amazed dgn ape yg awk buat. chaiyyok ah. *two tumbs up*

to Pjan,
ko pon same. bl dgr ko nye explanation td, i start to noe that u really understand wut u did. u can provide all explanations from the fact that u have. nice one!

to Azmal,
same goes to u. ak mmg puas hati r dgn ape2 yg ko buat. mmg complete r even dr theory, report, calc, slide sume. haa, ak pon x fhm ape yg ko buat sbb ak x go tru sgt ur part. ceh, mentang2 la ak rse ko nye dh mantap, so x yah nk check.hehe...jgn marahh dow~

last but not least, Azreen...
yeah, thnks alot for teaching me everything. myb awk x sedar, but u really teached me tru the whole period we did these projects. with ur knowledge and experience, u provide us some extra understanding. btw, x sangka ade org ley 'copy figure' awk kan? hehe, tp dieorg kantoi gak ngn lecturer. thnks again and SORRY!!!

korang jgn pk bila sy tulis mcm ni saye nk boost up dgn ape yg ktorg dpt arini. mmg xde langsung niat mcm tu. saye tulis ni sbb if can sume mnde yg berlaku sy nk ltk dlm blog. come on guys, bape ari lg ade utk stay kat UTP. sume2 ni akan left behind jd kenangan kot. that's why saye tulis evrything that we did. spy on one sweet day, i can read this post again and smile sorang2 bl ingat hardwork buat sume ni. one more, i want to say sorry to sape2 yg tnye grp ktorg tp ade yg ktorg x dpt jwb. fyi, mcm for my case, time org kalut2 tnye psl project faci ni, tyme tu saye tlh saket kepala pk for my fyp. huh, i guest u all understand kot sbb when it came to FYP...mnde len tolak tepi r. huhu...

last but not least...thnx guys...thnx alot~

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  1. Fikri M.Ismail11:14 PM

    sukalah happy ending~Thanks kt semua gak ;)