Monday, May 03, 2010


time: 8.00am (start)
i m just taking almost 10 mins before pg mandi pagi ni utk update blog. task after this, i want to continue for my write up : dissertation. insyaAllah. hopefully, idea akan mencurah2 slps kepala disejukkan dgn wudhuk solat dhuha nnt. aamin.

btw, today is submission date for project Facilities, EIS as well as OM. amik ko, 3 project gedebuk anta. act, draf dissertation pon should be submitted today jugak, but since my SV bg kelonggaran sikit, then xyah lg submit lg arini. alhamdulillah. apepon, i just want to say "thousands & millions" and token of appreciation to all those grp mmbers yg same2 contribute utk same2 completekan all those projects above. fyi, project yg plg tough adelah FACILITIES which took us almost more than a month to complete the calculation flow esp for each of the renewable sources. which book yg ktorg tak selak, buku thermo mane yg i x go tru? even lecturer mane yg ajar thermo zaman freshie dl pon we all pergi ngadap. nmpak sgt basic thermo x kukuh. but, its not about the basic guys. try to imagine that u r only given with one value which is mass flow rate. then question asked u to produce electricity in order to match demand n supply for offshore facilities requirement! goshh....heheh...

but, again.ALHAMDULILLAH, nightmare has gone. waiting for presentation plak mse study week. pray for me and my friend. :)

left 2 mins. ok, FYP! its too bothered me. aish.. for those yg xde probs ok la kan. tp, i wont berputus asa dr rahmat ALLAH. never. coz i really noe, ALLAH xkan bg sst yg hmbaNYA tak mmpu nk hadapi. anyway, i have 2 tests this week which are OM (tomorrow) and corrosion (weds). ok, time's up since its 8.10 alrdy!

p/s: thanks May for men2 UNO with me last nite, smbil2 study for test. i noe i kalah smlm sbb material i pakai x betul n design tak ok, so x stable la that UNO tu.hahah. u punye system dh ok you sis & goodluck for ur test!~


  1. welcome unnie ;)
    all the best jgk!
    hope my system for FYP bejaye gak ;P

  2. All the best kak tikah!

    syila pon sibuk juga lately..
    sgt runsing utk final exam.adeh

    takpe, Allah sentiasa dekat dgn kita..
    percaya dan yakin dengan keberkatan masa

    bittaufiq wannajah Ya ukhti Atikah, uhibbukifillah ;)