Saturday, May 08, 2010

a text message

at 09:17 am, suddenly i got a text message....

"Nooratikah, this is kak intan from HR Petronas,
we want to slot you in Sunday, am session so need to be here at 8 am..."

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah. finally. ok la tu kan drpd sms 30 mins cam smlm kan. at least i knew my schedule 1day earlier. Alhamdulliah. For those friends yg x dpt lg, dun wory...InsyaAllah your time will come someday. yg penting, never ever berputus asa dr ALLAH coz dariNya segala pintu rezeki. So, peeps, pray for me and wish me luck for my PETRONAS Structured Interview tomorrow at 9.00 am! I will try to do my best, and the rest i will leave to Allah. aamin~

~may our dreams after 5 years being ere will be come true after all...aamin~

tikah saari