Sunday, May 09, 2010

mother's day, photo class, SI

alhamdulillah, SI was over. really dun noe feedback from that SI. but, what can i say, my role play tak mcm the rest. and i feel like my heart is trembling like a small paper boat in an ocean. wut does it mean? ntah, just tawakkal pd Allah. tp, sy ttp bersyukur pd ALLAH for treating in this 'special way'. x berani nk komen byk2. n pls dun ask more about it ok!-____-"

Selamat Hari Ibu utk mak.
moga pnjang umur..
moga doa mak ayah Allah makbulkan.aamin

td i call before interview, dh nangis2 dah.nsb bek x pkai make up. kalo x, x psl2 make cair dl. lps interview i call nangis2 lg. end up rse mcm nk demam. parah sungguh. dh i mls pk. i betul2 mls pk. i need sumeone to talk to, but there's no one. mane kucing smlm yg i dok sembang2 tu? (korang ckp ak x betol daa sbb sembang ngn kucing, huh, dulik la ak). inilah yg sy selalu buat kat rumah bila xde org nk ckp ngn i. bl my parents xde kat umah n at that time i was deeply in pain+ sad.

smlm, i just got some picts from Munir, our last class photos. its awesome babe. ni tyme kls facilities. spot me in the pict, a girl, standing at the back, wearing a big old skul spects!haha. saje wat kenangan pakai spec gedabak tu dlm gmbr ni. facilities was our last class after 5 years being here. ceeh, mcm sedey jek bunyi. of cos sedey. 5 years down the road. together wif friends looking the meaning of real life at teenage age. sekolah menengah tu xde apelah sgt kalau nk compare dgn life kat campus. mcm2 happen dlm tempoh lima tahun ni. got to know u guys, learnt the meaning of friendship, the beautiful of honestly and sincerity among friends, the lovely sacrificial way towards foe (yg ni pelik kan,hehe but yes mmg ader) and last but not least of cos the meaning of naughty & dotty puppy ;D

like azmi said in his blog, after this; no most tests, no more asgmts, no more projects, no more worries for cosmarks, no more dgr lecturer membebel pagi2 more kecut perut anythime wnt to seat for final exam. no more stay up study last minutes. no more chances utk amik slip exam. no more quarrel with pak guard psl saman kad matrix ngn parking. sumenye dah tak ade. evrything will be wrapped up in memory. everything will end up soon. right now, dh study week... -__-"

i will miss this place much much after this. i will remember every precious time for being here. huh, nk start ayat jiwang daa. okeh, dun wory i will keep those ayat2 jiwang for the last post in last day at UTP. hehe

all in all, thank you Allah, for giving me this opportunities to feel how life is all about. one again like the previous post, may our dreams come true. aamin.

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  1. tu la pasal... 5 years... that's a long journey we have here. ape pon setiap permulaan ade perngakhiran!! that's the fact we can't denied.