Thursday, May 20, 2010

marriage seems so interesting!

for ages, i have been asking that married is just as nice as how most ppl believe? i kept wandering about it, but of cos i ask no one about it coz i know they definitely will replied YES. ahaha, such a naive idea la saye ni! -___-"

tonite, while having OM in front of my lappy... i scroll down and found this interesting blog. link? dun need lorh. i wont share here. i do read it some of the entries (not all of for sure, xde mase nk bace sume), it made me smiled with such a big heart. i found a nice solid answer for my question. owh, such a lovely day u have. *envy* || *evil grin*||

thanks for answering my question about marriage. well, i think this is my 1st step towards the real life. ahaaa, dun misunderstood ckp ak nk kawen lak. kang tak pasal2 kuar rumors psl ni. it such a long way to go and surely because i just havent meet u yet, my soulmate :) , n insyaAllah this time i wont pick up org-tepi-jalan lagi to be my soulmate. he must be somebody..insyaAllah. jgn alien sudeyyy~ T__T

ceeh, mode jiwang dah. bek off sebelum taman bunga makin besar. haha. nite peeps!

love, tkah~

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