Thursday, May 13, 2010

o dear!

o' dear,
thanks for sharing with me dear...
thanks for trusting me all the time...
thanks for calling me with that name...
thanks for being there whenever i need someone

o' dear,
like i told u earlier,
why should i bother about my past where everything has gone,aite?
why must i consider about others feeling when they easily scratched mine easily
why do i need to care about both parties as they are apart from my life

o' dear,
if it is true,
then it is not what i asked Allah as a return
i just hope He grants both of them wif Nur
all the wounds; leave it as scars
and i will try to heal it myself

o' dear,
seeing u in such pain...
i felt so sorry T___T
what can i do to help u?
to cheer u?
to make u 'forget' the past?
all i can do, spending my time accompanying u study in ......
and laugh with u, shed ur tears...
be strong...pls!

" sesetia malam pd siang...."

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