Saturday, May 15, 2010

so in love

thnx darl for giving me this pict. lurve it so much. dpt je mnde ni terus gugel kat tenet MARA/JPA scholarship for MASTER.Ceeh, ttb je intention ni sbb die ckp "u kan nk g study harvard"
T__T..yup, suatu ktk dahulu impian tu melangit ade. tp bukan havard la, somewhere in oversea. but now, seems to fade away.tsk.tsk.

dh ler angan2 tu. zaman study pn nk abis daa unless if i cont for MA mcm my SV suruh. tp die soh g oversea. so, that's why la i gugel cr scholarship MARA or JPA. ntah, tu dlm perancangan lg. Allah lebey mengetahui ^__^

back to this pict, sy suke sgt lirik lgu tu. meaningful ok bila hayati. the person said, for u to have it whenever rase letih mse study. thnx lurve for understanding me. mse kat SCIPP dl, ramai yg support my aim utk bljar oversea. tp bl kat utp ni, no one else till i meet this person. haha...thnx alot~

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