Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Starfish...its have 5 legs. legs ke hand??i think both incorrect.haha..rays la darling. forgive me ok? 5rays represent us. 5 of us. this is my last study group. and i enjoyed having them around. so do u guys aite? Nad, fikri cikgu, fikri wahi and pijan...thnks for being here, together with me. i used to call them our 5 i's. hehe..ni gara2 pengaruh cte 3 idiots. :D

and, we tried to implement ape yg ktorg dpt dr that movie tu during our discussion ni. i noe its late already, but at least we tried. cthnye:

somebody are trying to memorize the answer..the some other will say,
"weh, weh, ko nk jadi Chatur kaa??kamon2, jgn memorize...try to understand babe!kang kalo ko memorize, ak tukar ayat jd mcm speech Chatur tu baru tahu...hahahahah"

when somebody try to ask,
" weh, yg ni k xkuar exam kan..xyah r bace r..."

then, some other guy will said,
" 3 idiots, are u? haha" :P

some sort of conversation and jokes are playing in the air....full of excitement, must i say. if there is anything yg ktorg x fhm, akan kuarla demo2 (still mcm Racho buat kat dlm cte tu), and one of the using my tumbler which they used to name as resevoir! we used it as an analogy for suction and discharge in Facilities studies.

one thing that i cant forget, last nite..i was too sleepy after having 2 round jog at tasek-alone! mlm tu mse dicussion, we used to discuss psl types of corrosion and past year exam. it almost 11 plus plus as my eyes dh merah2. at that time, i was trying to explain psl galvanic corrosion. sekali without i realive, terkuar psl intergranular corrosion :D (see, how i dh mix up all those thing) dak2 ni wat bodo jee, lps tu baru dieorg ckp, " ko dh kuar topik weeei...hee" -___-

all of us :)

hurm, wut i did tell here is not like to bangga or riak ape2 psl ape yg ktorg buat. pls dun misunderstood eh. it just some part in the last chapter of my stories. wut i learnt, somehow we can never imagine what will happen in our future, whose gonna be our friends, whose gonna be close to our heart. neither of us can tell or predict. we just hope for the best. insyaAllah and THANK YOU Allah for giving me these people in my life. hoping for the best in win-win situation. may Allah grant us with success. aamin.

5i's, we are on our road to success~


  1. Ameeennnn~~~ Suke3~~ =)

  2. tkah saari11:55 PM

    okeh, insyaAllah. moga Allah permudahkan niat kt semua..aaminn