Saturday, September 04, 2010

memoirs of geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha...i used to have this novel previously. but then i lost it as ade org pinjm x anta2. geram jugak but then it is ok. after this i will buy anew lorh since mls nk saket2 hati ngn org. my kazen yg recommended this novel to me, at that time movie tak kuar lg. honestly this is the 1st novel i ever ever fall in love! gle angau bace novel ni. every words written are meaningful. but then i dun want to review the whole plot as u can get it here.

if u read the novel, the plot will be more interesting compare to movie. tp standard la mcm tu. ngn ayat2 penuh bunga n ropol2 mmg wat sy cair di alam fantasi laa. mlm ni layan lagi sekali muvie tu ngn utube. so beautiful, so sweet -____-". citer tu dh gulakan saye nmpaknye.

"..she has been given is not what she wants, as she is forbidden to pursue her own personal desires - namely that of a kindly older man who she has secretly been in love with for years, and goes only by the name of The Chairman..."

"i will lock my heart and saved it for u.."

desires, dreams, and love come together tru out the plot till end. sumeone who lives with it may never feel gives up in every single way he/she encounters. life is about a battle for someone u love, for something u long for...and for something precious that we call as dream.

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