Sunday, September 05, 2010

its ur PRIDE

its about pride...lately mnde ni selalu came across. pride tu ape sbenarnye? where u put your pride? pride and prejudice...tajuk novel as well as movie (if not mistaken lah). mybe right after this i wont let ppl pijak2 my pride, i wont let ppl anggap betapa 'low'nye sy meletakkan maruah yg ade. NOT SUCH WAY!!!

being silent doesnt mean you have nothing to say. it just when u r waiting for a right time to spill out everything. but, promise that it wont turn to be a volcano again. hahaha. such a lame thou. one more thing, bosan tahap petala ke sepuluh pon, i wont text anyone saying how bored i m (just how i did recently). dah2, no more lah perangai lame2. goodbye is goodbye. kang ppl used to say 'terhegeh' which i hate much2. well, ppl never noe our intention, salah buat faham len. then new trouble will come. then i should think bout doing something instead of texting ppl. a new hobby would be nice, ayte?

if Hlovate used to say 'putus fius' then i will used putus jugak. but not fius la for me, prefer putus wayar n fius terbakar.. igniting the spark and flame. burst out.THE END (",)

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