Thursday, August 20, 2009

HappY Birthday Mina

dear Mina
HappY Birthday to you dear...
22 years m ai rite?
kamu lahir tak tunggu saye, isk~
tinggal kan saye sorang2 kat dlm tu...len kali kena berpakat laaa...
tp saye tahu kamu kuar dl sbb kamu nk bersedia tunggu saye plak lahir kan...;D
since kamu dh kenal dunia dl, tentu seronok kamu nk kenakan saye lps tu~
owh, apelah yg saye merepek utk kamu ^($^%(@*$

if one day u read this blog...
i hope you wont mad at me laaah
i tried several tymes to contact u
but sms kept on pending & last2 not delivered
ask ur mama, no reply also T___Y
where u'v been for this while aah?

nway, i miss u Ok. pls take note!!~

i miss that pinky lady huhu...and those other two, Noor & Azean

hey girl, i'm so so buzy year is tough (@_T)
but i still enjoy doing my FYP even it got me crazy sometimes
owh...i really wish you'r here
comfort me
encouraged me like u used to be before

on ur BIg Day (not wedding day lgik ok?)
i wish
~this pretty girl will become more mature~
~this innocent child will alwys stay healthy~
~this lovely friend will alwys success in her future life~
~this sweet cousin will get her degree in LAW next year~
this friend of mine will alwys be my bestfriend ever!!!

***HaPpY Birthday***


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