Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pls color my life

class dah start smlm, felt quite excited nk g kelas sbb almost 8 months nk g lecture. meet bestbuddies sume and guest whut, almost ader cter menarik.hahaha...congrate from me!!~
briefing tuk FYP dh start. ttb rse a bit cuak with this new semester. owh, tikah 0' tikah, pls wake up. termenung pnjg2 pon xde guna. wutever might happen at future, nobody noes. just follow the flow and never stuck anywhere. nk jd sumeone its not easy....i believe that words.ahaaa

somehow, i felt my life become so dull currently. why ah?gosh, i really donno this kinda of sindrom.aiyakkk! myb i still miss my good old days mse intern haha. ntah, i've no answer for it. i felt something is missing and my heart deeply miss that 'part'. T____T
i really need 'something' to color my life.

if this person dlm gmbr tu betol2 wujud, nk jek saye suruh die kalerkan life saye ni. bagi a bit colourful dan blink2.ahaha..tp itu mmg xde la kan. having mimpi2 yg mcm mengimbau kisah lama pon quite menggangu jiwa somethimes. i do hate this, tp i noe it just a dream. a dream that finally left as D.R.E.A.M aka mimpi yg tak sudah. anyway, wpon saye menulis sebegini sebenarnye xdelah saye rase down ke ape. hidup mmg sentiasa ceria. cuma mimpi semalam yg menggangu. hehe...owh yeah, should i state here that finally i become as one of FINAL YEAR student. waahh, senior plak daaaa (^___^) (@_@) (-____*)"

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