Saturday, July 04, 2009

sumeone that i miss

"it was rainy heavily outside there and i was alone here...i wish there's sumeone to accompany me this time.
sumeone that will keep me safe in his arms.
sumeone that will keep my hand warm...
sumeone who's willing to spend his hardship and share his sad stories with me...
that's my wish... and my only wish"

when sumeone that u love has left you there is a feeling of missing a part of yourself. Like is one who has had limb removed, you constantly reach for the phantom lover.

you may wish for this uncomfortable feeling to leave you so that you can function properly. However, the truth is that the place in your heart that feels a sense of lacking represents the hole where your relationship goes. it is natural to feel that you miss the person that once belongs in your life.

p/s: ape lah motif ak tulis camni mlm ni??? :: blur jap T_____T ::


  1. hidup sesuatu yang hidup.

  2. naqiah12:15 AM

    sy merasai itu skrg.

    [sy wendu dia]

  3. will never be like we alwys differ in its own path..T_____T
    just pray for the best