Friday, February 26, 2010

believe in yourself

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul buat semua...:)

hari ini cuti, tp mcm xde effect pon utk dak2 final year sbb dh bse xde kls or hanya satu kelas jek ari jumaat. bsenye dipenuhkan dgn aktiviti len yg membuatkan dak2 final sem ni x lekat di bilik. abis miggu ni nnt, masuk week 6.hanya tinggal 8weeks to go. to finish our journey @ UTP. wah, so fast kan. yet, so many thing x siap.aigooo~

saye busy dgn project Facilities. psl nk buat platform kat tgh2 laut yg biru dan quite dalam. ok, honestly it is not a simple thing for me. WHY? sbb basic saye dlm dunia petroleum adalah totally zero. myb some of us were granted for their internship experience plus dgn dieorg mmg dak2 PE. so i guess at least u guys ade la background psl subject ni. but for me? with zero basic knowledge i started. and agak keterlaluan when my friends put their trust on me to become a project manager! hah, amik ko. jadi bos tapi tak reti nk facilitate others. my bad~

btw, i still appreciate others for their trust on me, and the most important thing dieorng support saye. bg full of commitment and teamwork mmg best. those are the most important thing yg i hargai. our group mostly come from dak2 material. sorang je yg mmg ade fully backgroud dlm petroleum plus she had her own experience intern kat PETRONAS carigali. tp, yg len2 tu ade gak la basic knowledge psl platfrom2 ni. dieorg tak se 'lost' sayer. huhu.

honestly, it such a great challenge for me as PM sbb the other PM mmg gle2 bagus kalo nk compare dgn saye yg mcm hanya layak utk jd minah despatch ni.hoho. sedar diri. yet, i kept on trying my best utk buat yg terbaik, to give the best and make this project successful. EFFORT! tu yg penting. saye kena jd fast learner. saye kena jd quick thinker pluss analytical plus act maturely. dan the first thing at all, saye kena yakin pd diri sendiri that i can make it. kalo dh tak yakin dgn diri, how can u continue ur task, am i rite? and how can u make others stay permanently with u? keep on believing in you?lolZ...hahahah.

believe in your dream that they 'may' come true
believe in yourself that they 'will' come true

''bertatih ke atas, kemudian berlari dan seterusnya pecut.
satu hari kau pasti tiba dan berjaya..~

p/s: if u think this post in to show-off or some sort of poyo, then i will say sorry. but the 'truth' lies there.

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