Thursday, May 21, 2009


sweet dearie Miss Ruzanna

1st of all, saye ingin menyusun sepuluh jari memohon ampun dr Toh Cik Pn..err, no no..Toh Cik Ruzanna sbb lambat meng'wish' sempena hari kelahiran die..;D
bukan ape, sbb masalah teknikal. saye lmbt mndpt bantuan gmbr dr ssorg hehe...ampun T_T
Ruz, she's one of my friend..a good friend of dier garang hoh0...garang yet so caring, pheewit.sgt2 sweet ok. 

Ruz dear,
have no idea how to wish for ur birthday, suara saye x sedap la nk nyanyi cam ko pernah nyanyi kat phone for my birthday...u noe, till now i still remember ur sweet2 voice, penuh ceria dan bersemangat ktk itu..^^
only 1 year left for u and me, for us before proceeding into our real life..yet, i bet u will more and more mature than yesterday...but pls dun throw away all those crazy mind and 'gle2' ideas that born together with u tue..those part are the best part for me to explore as ur friend ;)
nothing much to say for now..sbb xdak idea hehe...

really want to see u after balik utp nnt. take care alwys

last but not least....

HaPPY Birthday sweeet 22
~may Allah bless u till the end of everything~

with ,

p/s: credit to Asba sbb bg gmbr ni *wink2x*

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