Thursday, March 03, 2011

patah hati? nope!!!

Dear diary

i m sory for ignoring you...for a few days/ months probably! life is so busy. even it's already past 6 months but i still have alot of thing to do. so many and so many until i can be head wire for sometime! i learnt alot try the exercises. report-hantar-reject-buat balik is a normal thing for me! it reminded me to my FYP those days. hahaha. i submitted the report and kena buat balik. even for a paragraph it might took a week!muahaha... but than, i should thanked to my SV for his ketegasssness in turning me to be a somebody.

yes, reaching out the stars, taking thousand of initiatives and be as creative in everything u do! i used to patah hati sometimes, and always to come to those silly thought," why not i just went to ohio last sept? why not i just resigned? why not i be somewhere else?" i m sorry boss for making it these way. tp actually all of these happen bl rse terlalu tertekan! T___T

but then, bl paras glukosa come to normal balance, i start to realize how lucky i am. Allah answers my prayers thru His best way. i found good people here, i meet the right persons who can teach and develop me to be a good person in future. cume, everything depends on me. sejauh mane saye mahu melangkah dan to where i wanna go.

dear diary,

i will always remember those good words. always putting somewhere in my special box. not heart yeaa, sbb ni psl kerja. hahaha. erm, if company ade road map for 5 years projection...i used to have it too! br develop smlm. hehe. but it is for 7 years. i always told my boss that by the end of 7 years, i wanna be a TP. why 7 years? that's a story behind it. since skrg ni mase berlalu mcm in the blink of eyes, i wanna persiapkan diri dgn sst in future, i have to work efficiently. mayb, ape yg sy buat 3 years ago akan berulang where i double up my efforts. org pegi lecture sekali, but i went for lecture twice in a day for a same subject but different lectures. because yg ajar adelah foreigner, so its quite hard to understand their ascent as well as nk fhm subject itself. ppl say i m crazy, haha..who cares...because i have a target to be the best for that subject at the end of the semester. alhamdulillah, i got it...lecturer choosed me as representative for commenting/evaluating their lecturer where the comments will be submitted to the board of international examiners..and ppl pernah depend on me to settle one question. soalan tu susah sgt2..everybody dah give up n time tu we all plan to do it at cafe untill 3 am (if not mistaken)...everybody is waiting for me to solve it...alhamdulillah, Allah helped me...make it easy for me...and at the end of the semester...yes, i achieved my KPI! thank to Allah.

but then all those wonderful moments happened zaman jd student. skrg i m staff. life will never be the same. tp hidup perlu ada cita2 dan impian which will boost up everything. sy akan cube utk menjadi yg terbaik. yes, smlm sy patah hati... semalam saya kalah, but doesn't mean tomorrow pon sy akan kalah. we learnt from the mistake...n insyaAllah, dr ape yg berlaku, kebergantungan sy kpd Allah semakin kuat. alhamdulillah :)

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