Friday, March 11, 2011

i dont feel regret~

dear life...

alhamdulillah...last nite, i used to tell someone:

" now, i dont feel regret x pg Ohio, xdpt SLB n xdpt Shell..coz i dpt something yg jauh lg baik..."

at first, i dont feel it suits with my taste.really! somehow bl fikir2 & hayati setiap hari yg dilalui, Allah ganti dgn sesuatu yg jauh lg baik. tak dpt nk ukur. xdpt nk nilai. kdg2 hati dan mulut merungut dan mengeluh. bad habit that i need to erase. i need some rest. and should get some rest. Only for tonite. ONlyyyy!!!

p/s: wanna read harun yahya's collection. TQ!

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