Monday, April 12, 2010

poster submission n convo 08 back

4.30pm, jam jd saksi, i stepped out from room to submit the poster. alhamdulillah,it already submitted. forgot to bring paper clips, then end up used my cute pinky kepit kain yg termasuk dlm beg sekolah tu utk clip evaluation form n poster. hehehe....that's me!~

owh, yeay seems like i did have soo many time updating my blog now..kan kan? not really dude. act, i tgh stuck dgn analysis for my fyp. last part insyaAllah. last2 ni yg quite tough sikit. sbb result fluctuate. sabar2. maam ckp, dun wory, u can do it!!! :)

anyway, thanx Eva coz u gave me a CD for picts during convo 08. i m looking for it so so long time ago, after my external crash and have no source to get it back. even akmal nye external pon crash. so, dah Head PNP pn xdek, where else could i find it? asking him? huh, say sorry for that~
syukur2 byk2. but act, i did upload some of photos from my camera kat flickrs suatu mase dulu. but it just for family day kat sungai Siput. not the whole thingy. waaa, so sad maa, terbayang2 lagi sume gmbr2 yg dh gone esp mse event2 yg saye join jd faci. T___T

btw, if sape2 nk tgk gmbr2 family day convo 08 from my camera, u r welcomed to view my FB. haha, but since sy jd photographer, sgt2 la kureng my own photo. that's why this time i upload yg ade my picts jek. kes balas dendam tak sengaja nie :)

whenever i glanced tru these old picts, i jd senyum sorang2. tgk muka sorang2, even muka sendiri yg quite tak matured jek tyme tu. n for sure flashed back all memories again. again and again. yosh..they r so wonderful babe~

at the end of family day....

dlm hutan mane ntah..junggle trekking~


terjumpa gmbr candid ni..bukan sengaja posing mcm tu +__+

lots of love,
Atikah Saari <3

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