Monday, October 26, 2009

because your love cannot be compared~

yes, because your love cannot be compare.definitely it is.
i just sat in front of my lappy, still in my formal uniform after PCS presentation. still wearing tudung and yet i suddenly i realized i got a msg in my fb. and its from you. kaklong, it was so so touching. and slowly i cried because yes..again, there are no recognition for u. no appreciation about u in my blog. thank you for remind me dear. T__T
let me tell you one thing that u should noe dear... all those thing that i placed, poured in my blog act are a part of my memories. memories that i will keep close to my thought and my heart. but those are fragile dear. i wished all those things will alwys be with me but they are not. it gone somehow. slowly and silently. memories with friends...

but 1 thing that i am pretty memories with my family. with Mak, ayah...and of cos with u dear. those thing are never be replaced. u are the first person; become my best friend when i opened my eyes. when i see this beautiful world after being in mak's womb for 9 months 9 days (sbb tu la i lahir 9hb september hehe). i used to see ur warmth face welcoming me to this wonderful world with my sepet eyes at that time and even till now, it still SEPET. haha. when i was a baby, u are the one who were alwys be at my side selain mak. ayah wasn't there coz i noe ayah kat UPM mase tu. but it's ok. u are the one who used to salin my lampin, who used to 'agah2' me, u are the one who used to sapukan bedak slps mandi. even mak never told me about it, but i noe dear. u did all of these. till i become a toddler, u are also the one yg 'kerenak' me, buat mulut senget till i cry aloud.haha...i used to do the same thing to atiQ rite now..pardon me ok? :)

even till today, i still remember every time u came back for your semester break, i will be the 1st person and the only person yg akan bukak ur beg kain. coz i noe you will hide some presents for me. *happy sgt2 taw*
and i will be the one yg cry aloud (again) bila nk anta u balik nek bas pegi UIA. tunggu u balik punyer la every day kire hari, then u balik kejap jek. pastu send u at railway station or bus station dgn air mata. HAHAHA. i used to hate that moment sbb kena tinggal. ;(
but now, i am doing the same thing to mak & ayah. lgi2 sekrg ni. aish~

no one can replace urs in my heart, nobody can challenge ur love, nobody can used to pronounce'kepurass' like the way u did dear. if u say, "mungkin kah xde kenangan indah bersama kaklong kan.." then, it is actually false dear. every moments i spend with u is the best time i ever had. since i was young and up till today. try to make u happy is one of my precious dreams..i am trying till now...myb untill the end of my life sis!!!~ :)

well, because your cannot be compare...YES. it is! :)

with so much love,

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