Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to Rafiqah

090909...have been waiting this date for so long...-___-"
myb since i was in standard 6, on the same date~ 9th September 1999.hehe
Happy Birthday to Rafiqah, Happy birthday to Atikah, Happy Birthday to me...thnks for all the wishes from dearie friends. i will continue to update later, too buzy for my PCS presentation tomorrow. wish me luck...

u as always!~


  1. huu..adik..hepi *belated* besday! ^^V meme ingt doh bena..sajo nk wi belated..hehe..

    nway jago dri molep..poso2 ni doa lebih cket..biar jd ore hok bguno..jd hamba solehah..ameen :D

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY my dear friend, I wish u always have fun, memorable and enjoyable life. Ehmm u just turn to 22, well still young babe so don't stress for nothing, add lots of values in your life. U will appreciate ur life later i.e without regret anything. So reach out!

    ur old friend,
    Raja Syuhada

  3. atikah11:30 PM

    thanks to Sabri...hehe..insyaAllah

    i wish u'r here kept on whispering me whenever i was down etc...but it's ok. ;)
    InsyaAllah, i'll try my best to be the best, enjoy my life to the fullest...hehe~