Thursday, June 04, 2009


special design for ur birthday ;)

saye tahu saye bersalah sbb lambat wish...T_T
i dun noe adekah kamu merajuk 0' xde krdit utk reply sms dr saye 0' kamu sibuk ngn keja???
i dun noe how to console u back
def, i dun noe
so sorry dear...

i will miss you since 
we might not be in the same class next sem
we might not be together utk beli lunch or dinner next sem
we might not alwys seen each other next sem
haha..honestly,  i'll be missing u ok???

I wish i can type Happy Birthday Azreen this time sumehow
it changed to Happy Belated Birthday Azreen...yet, i'm not sure whether it can put back sweet smile on ur face 
do smile Azreen, smile for me ;)
~Azreen Suhaimi 3rd June 1987~

with ,

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