Friday, February 06, 2009

Just for you

wake up early even its weekend (o_0)-"
and start to mumble..heee, n here i come *sigh*

ttb teringat to a dear friend,humm...
sory cannot respon manyak2 dlm phone coz of 'limited space'
psl isu yg i close my account frenster tu...bukannye meletakkan kamu jauh dr hati,
jgn pk len yer, i just want to box up my life again..but not like the previous way.
about ur plan to close ur account, well ni my advice lah:
kalo x ready lg, x pyh buat..nnt terasa kehilangan..psl kehilangan kawan tu...def, x dpt dinafikan u might feel it esp when it comes to ur old classmates, deskmates, schoolmates...T_T
but, for me...friends will alwys remain in our heart, memories cannot be er
ased and all joys and tears will be framed nicely in a beautiful potrait =D

'aku just doakan kawan2 aku bahagia dlm hidup mrk..berjaya and gembira selalu...x kirelah di mana2 mrk berada'

mina dear,
life is about making desicion,
bear in ur mind...
jgn takut utk membuat keputusan sbb from that we learn alot..
people might not easily understand,
they might blame us for not trust 'em,
did they realise what they had done, didn't 'em?
when we try our best to cherish the other side of us?
even we explain hundred times for the same reason?
even we sacrife alot for 'em?
even we did alot of things and people never know about it

mina dear,
stop felt gulity,
one day,
the truth will alwys be there,
& remember one thing from me,
Allah itu SATU sayang,
HE wont hurt us,
even when others hurt us,
& HE loves u more than u noe,
that's why HE gives these to u...
because HE knows u can face it
even u'll cry alot along the journey

hey dear, pernah ingat tak u've asked me before...

ape yg buat ak jd mcm hari ni?
sbb ak percaya Allah dh aturkan yg terbaik utk ak, wpon ak kena tempuh mcm2...wpon ak akan jatuh dlm perjalanan ni sbb kebodohan sendiri...wpon ak akan jumpa mcm2 org yg 'mcm2' perangai...
ak mahu nek ke atas, so ak perlu melalui semua ini...jalan ke atas bukan landai sayang
jalan ke atas adalah jalan yg curam, licin dan berliku...ingat tuh~

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