Friday, February 20, 2009


haha....after 12 hours bed tyme sleEp..*whool*
here i come, being active again,'t believe sbb hve a very2 long sleep finally.muahaha...(
nsb bek, bangun solat, then smbung tido balik,hehe)
byk hari jugak x update blog...*tired++lazyY*
and today=weekend, so hve more free tyme n thingkng bout plan to spend my time dgn 'berhemah'..chewaah
last week, just have GTO around..owh, i love that series, (i noe series ni dh berkurun org len tgk, haha...but, nvr long as can make me happy++inspire me...^^V)
Great Teacher Onizuka- if and only if i have a very similar+copy paste teacher like that.whooo~
(ni effect tido lama sgt,ahaha~)
nyway, even my sifu x sama mcm GTO..he's still my best teacher ever...*wink*
this is my only and only sifu i ever had.muahaha...oopps, pls dun misunderstood maaa....
he helps me and alwys being around whenever i need him, n i can ask him anything...yg berkaitan dgn pelajaran, y xde kaitan ngn pelajaran langsung pon ader....hehe (bertuah r awek die dpt balak mcm ni..hehe)...sumetymes, my friend ckp he's like my gogle search engine..haha(sifu jgn marah anak murid -__-" )
whenever i texted him asked bout sumething, he'll reply..asap lak tu...this's my sifu...
sifu, i wish u have a bright day ahead....

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