Sunday, August 10, 2008

peNAt woo


i'm back...after a long journey tru out the whole week.ahakz...;D

a long journey to nowhere, yet it still pulling me out from myself..(ntah ape2 ayat nie...)
being as Mechy's studnt absolutely tough!~

n now, i admit what he told me last 3 years. but kept on promising to myself that i'll never give up..
not even at once...chaiyook!!!!!

i wish to finish this 3rd year period as fast a i can.adei..but, nak wat cane..nk finish kan tu, kena face all of that thing.aiyook -____-"

maleh nk tulis pnjg2, juz here i list down some sort of task yg wat sayer a
lmost terlupa mnde len2.hehe
  1. asgmt VIBRATION...manyak2 woo~
  2. asgmt & project mechatronic II
  3. asgmt CAE
  4. asgmt & project MAntech II
  5. ETPku yg indah~~
erm, cane da lg yg ek?? remind me later ek..haha

Tautan KAsih SIswa~

saye g sane, wakil hicom ngn muneer di Bengkel Lembah kInta, Ipoh...satu ari di sana...lala~
thnks to event manager Syidah n komiti CONVOFAIR 08 ++ faci2 yg menjayaka
n program ini...

dun want to write much about it, juz uploaded some picts that i think can speak more than WOrdS!!~

kami yg baru tiba di sana..

mereke yg friendly...^^V

i like this pict...^_@

the making of their house ;P

sory, candid gmbr kamu~~

convofair 08 in their hearts..

farewell ...T_T

ilya..anda posing??hehe..

May dan belon2nye, lala~

finally, he knew how to snap 'close up' pict..^^

tak lupe juger kpd yg menjayakan TREASURE HUNT ...great job korang sume...tahniah!!!(xde picts nk upload kat sini, xpe2 korang usya blog convo nnt..;P)

my last word here...

"hargailah setiap anugerah pancarindera Allah SWT kurniakan kpd kite...jgn sombong dgn sesiapa dan yang penting sayangilah mereka yang istimewa, coz they need our support in their life..^^V "

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