Saturday, May 07, 2011

schooling timetable

salam wbt ...

lama x menulis. ade hal penting yg menunggu. hopefully by this week dpt setelkan semualah. so that i can have my weekend 'normal' like u all.

btw, a quick update. i met uncle who used to be bekas principal Faris Petra on my way back to KL. his seat just next to me. while waiting for a 45-mins trip, we have a nice chat...

main point yg die ajar sy psl kerja... he wanted me to have my own time table yg mcm zaman sekolah dl. he said it might sound silly but it works. tempoh trial is two weeks. n then die soh tgk how it affected my daily routine n jobs later on.

n now, sy msih dlm tempoh percubaan. dah seminggu. g kat ofis kena gelak ngn ofismate sbb depa kate mcm budak2. hahaha..yes, i admit that. tp it works! :) byk keja yg dpt disempurnakan dgn jayanye. alhamdulillah.

sometimes, kt terlupa mnde2 kecik yg kt pakai mse zaman sekolah can bring high impact until now.

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