Monday, April 04, 2011

Confirm? Be Strong...


Just a quick update!

Alhamdulillah, praise to i received my official PD as a Reliability engineer after 6 months probation period. Act, dh lebey 6 bulan pon but since our calendar year 2011 br start by this April (this month), so we do have this anew. Nk terkeluar biji mata tgk bulk of amount task that i have to complete within this CY 2011. Last day i have talked with my sis..

" i dah confirm...insyaAllah"
" so, meaning u punye social life dh xde eh?"
" sort of..hahaha"

spontan betul my sis ni buat assumption tntg ak! heheh, but ak patut mengiyakan pon act! Confirm= No social life
Erm, i want to putar that so-called equation to be like this:
Confirm= will have new life + dah bley kawen! yuuhuu~
Ngeee ^______^V

Btw, my cousins dh ade tarikh pon for their weddings. And aunty & uncle sibuk bertanyakan perihal org melaka ni. T__T.. Am I ready? Ak just buat2 x fhm psl tu coz i m not prepared mentally & physically yet! Dont wory lah, insyaAllah..some sweet day i will :)

Back to main topic, I wanna work smart. My ultimate goal: to climb TP's ladder. That's my long term strategic planning while for the short ones: I wish to manage my time well so that i will have more & more time to spend with buddies and family, beloved ones maybe :)

Alhamdulillah..Praise to Allah for everything. What can i do for this while just BE STRONG and have faith in Allah :) :)

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