Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hlovate...dh masuk pengaruh novel ngn idea2 si penulis ni dlm jiwa. but, i like. cume, tiap org ade taste yg berbeza, so do i. stay kat KL for a while mmg bosan kalo xde ape2 nk buat. xkan nk g berjalan je keja, duit keluar, tenaga keluar, balik penat. hehe..not a great decision i guess. so, end up bace novels, mags, surfing and lepak lepakss....

Rooftop Rant dgn aA+bB. 2 novels ni dh khatam. some ppl say Rooftop Rant bored and better aA+bB..myb sbb jalan cerita for each stories kot. dlm Rooftop Rant more on pengisian yg i rase quite berat for certain ppl which finally make the story quite bore. tp dlm aA+bB ni, more on scenarioes lovey dovey ppl will opt for this la kot. frankly speaking, sy suke Rooftop Rant lgi n felt like the other one quite bored! dunno why taman bunga dalam hati dh kering skrg ni. kontang kot!

to live hell or live well
you choose
May Allah bless
-Rooftop Rant-