Monday, April 06, 2009

Wan Faradinah

Smile can bring our heart to heaven

i miss them forsure~

...and  there she goes..DINA

Dina, ampun berjuta2 lemon sbb ak adalah org plg lmbt wish kat birthday ko...owh, ampunkan saye wahai puteri dina~
ak doakan ko x saket perut daa, sihat walaafiat selalu hehe...xde kate seindah bahasa secantik angsa yg dpt ku taip disini melainkan mencari bait2 jiwang yg tak berkarat melalui org punyer sehingga ku temui ini. dina, ak rse 'ia' sesuai jek hehe..
   Up in the SkY

When you are down
And you want to get high,
Just take a good look
Up in the sky.

What you will see
Are the stars above,
And all you need
Is to proclaim your love.

Who you will find
And see so clear,
Are friends in mind
You want to hold near.

Whenever you need them
Just look up high,
Call their name
And see them fly.

Every friend you meet
Owns a star
And you can see them
No matter how far.

Whenever you are down
And want to get high,
Just take a good look
Up in the sky.

p/s: bahasa yg digunakan itu adakalanye diluar paras hormon hehe =D

with ,

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