Friday, November 14, 2008

Thnks for all your words

i'm in IRC now...alone...hehe..coz they left me for prayer...ari jumaat kan..=)
wireless connection's quite good now, so smbil2 bosan bacer2 utk exam, just take 7mins for this blog...haha
nway, i just have slow talk with him just now...hurm..alhamdulillah, dikurniakn org sprt itu..well, x berani nk ckp coz mnde tu still in future, but pray to Allah smg ia mnjd kenyataan..aamin. honestly, i noe, when we r in this condition, people will talk..well, it just an ordinary matter++situation i guest..
ntah la, yg penting..cube sedaya upaya utk mdpt rahmat Allah..

YA ALLAH, pls forgive me...
it's just a beginning for evrything..last nite was the last one...aamin

to those yg membri nasihat, thnks alot.realy appreciate it even its hurt.wut u said was true...n i admit it...n i learn a good lesson from it...^^

insyaAllah, akan saye jdkan sume tu sbg guide disamping mncari ilmu utk bekalan diri sendiri....

hurm..thnks gak kpd dier...insan yg bernama the age of 21 nie, i meet sumeone...
perangai dier almost my dad..teliti, cermat.bla..bla..blaa..n i bl sebut psl ayah..of cos i like most of it..rupenyer..ade gak manusia cam dlm dunia fanstasy saye..ahaks...
ape2pon, sumenyer msh jauh...ape yg penting skrg...BLAJAR!!!~
is that mean i'm serious now??insyaAllah i'm...=)

to my beloved MOM...
anak mak dah semakin dewasa!!!~~

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