Sunday, July 13, 2008

they've changed!

salam and good day to all....
last nite, i'm bit they'r gone..alhamdulillah...^^
hurm,dunno wut to do this morning, so i juz scroll and scroll+ usya'ing the fs..hehe..belongs to dearie buds...impressed+amazed!!~
they've changed.Goshh..everybody seems to hv their own styles...getting matured n pretty with accessories dangling around.wehehee~~~

looking back..2004, they seemed so innocent..cehhh..skrg pon still the same maaa....but then, tyme made us changed, good to here it guys...yg mane single dulu tue, no more single rite now...everbody dh jumpa prince charming msg2.huhu..bgus...;P

sayer??? dun ask me about that..wait until i grad 1st, okeyhhh!~

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