Saturday, March 22, 2008

Work load Vs. Stdy

good day i hope..insyaAllah...;)

HECTIC life lately...too much for me...:(
x ley stdy cam bser daa...nite hour pass juz like air mengalir load yg bertimbun, miting yg tak abis2...adei...wut should i do ah??
feel like nk resign, but thats against my princle lor...
" sekali melangkah, x ley undur or turn back..must keep on GOIng~~"
means sayer te
tap kena teruskan dgn ape yg sayer sdg buat...(@_@)"

i need help. yes, really i do~~
1 test passed olrdy..MOM, quite lega n of cos alhamdulillah....2 tests coming soon...MOnday and Tuesday....
Monday- Heat Transfer 8-11 pm (open book test for both test n quiz)
Tuesday- Thermodynmcs 5.30-7.00 pm
i juz bought my Heat's text book yesterday...huhu, cam funy jek beli buku after mid sem....huh~
but itulah TIK
AH!!! (last minutenyer org~)
i dunno biler sayer ley of my constraint- i'm not a late nite person...plg lwt let tido, around 12.30.adeh...before this, i can arrange my tyme to wake up at 4 or 5am to stdy if malam x sempat nak stdy...rite now, sbb tersangat letih, sayer dh tak bley bangun awal..hulaaa..plg awal 6.30..;(
wawawa (T_T)
ape2 pon...sayer anggap sume nie as challenge dlm life....
mest fight..n i'll try my best~~~
stdy n work load mst seimbang....that's my promises!!

bantulah hambaMU ini..
smg KAU selitkan ak hidayahMU dlm setiap perkara yg ak lakukan.
pahatkan keimanan yg kukuh di hati, semoga tidak goyah dlm ape jua situasi,
kebijaksanaan dlm menerokai ilmu milikMU,
keberkatan dlm stiap langkah & hala tuju...
kebahagiaan di dunia & akhirat....aamiin"

one more prob that i'm facing rite now..
bout compiling sets of past papers.. for elearning under Academic Exco MPPUTP...
i dun have scanner n basically other comttees pon xdak~
but, then, i will ask from azreen laa.. n yet alhamdulillah, she agreed...wut a lovely friend she is!!! yuhuuu
a bunch of THANKs my dear~
rite now, btol2 kena arrange mser utk scan sumer tu...take tyme gak lor...
by April dh kena masuk elearning...huhu..owh tidak
insyaAllah, can do it....

hmm, i guest, need to stop now...rsenyer washing machine pon dh siap tlg bsuhkan my clothes..hehe
chaiyookk...Tikah "never give up, Allah sentiasa ada utk kamu...."

(p/s: this post bkan luahan perasaan yg x puas hati dgn keja yg byk....ini hanyalah sekadar utk suker2 shj..."
(^_*)V Peace~
lots of love from UTP ;)

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