Sunday, February 12, 2012

reminiscence old memories

1 whole day- doing nothing! kepala melayang kemana tak tahula. bukak buku pastu tutup balik, bukak fb (langsung xmenarik,sekian). tidur..pndang siling...kira bintang dalam kepala. serious i'm really bored. but, dalam xtau nk buat ape terpk jugak utk memasak. doing good in cooking lately. byk cuba resepi baru and they worked!taste gud.2-tumbs up ;-)

i miss my blog actually, esp whenever i read my old post. my old days in utp. my friends and everything that i left. but then sampai bl i wanna stay in memories?wake up atikah. u'r not a kid anymore.zzZZ

esok- have training in PERMATA 14 till 15 feb. nasib baek 2 ari shj. mau tercekik kalo lama2 tinggal ofis. buku2 kesayangan byk nk kena bace. owh lalanye hidup. T__T

btw, i'm starting doing my personal schedule back. mcm zaman dolu2 mase belajar. dh 3 weeks ia berjalan & i can feel the smoothness and ke-teraturan-kesmartan-kerja hehe. if not, asek tunggang langgang je keja. sungguh tak terurus, alahai. and sambil2 tu, kembali melayan lagu2 yg suatu ketika dlu feveret. sy mmg fanatic old-school-music. u can ask me to sing those songs...n i learnt cha-cha dance. geleng kepala if u know the real me. (@__#)V

14-15 training @ PERMATA
22-24 training @ KL (venue:TBA)
14 March -ACD assessment!

this is my meja study aka 2nd ofis. sorry for agak ketidak-kemasan. at least sy x hipokrit! hehe

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